In the fall of 1937, Sibyl and Douglas Sloane III purchased the property in Rindge, NH that was later to become the Cathedral of the Pines. Settling on what was then 128 acres, they envisioned that their four children—Douglas, Sanderson (“Sandy”), Margaret, and John (“Jack”)—would one day build their own houses on the property.

In 1938 a hurricane ripped through the region. The five-acre piece of land that Sandy had selected for his future home was particularly hard hit, and it was months before the Sloane’s went to assess the damage. When they finally did, they were awestruck at the sight. The storm had knocked down many of the pine trees, revealing a stunning panoramic view of Grand Monadnock Mountain, with other mountain ranges in the distance.


After the US entered World War II, Jack and Sandy both joined armed forces and served in the Army Air Corps.. Jack survived his many missions on a B-26 bomber. Sandy had almost flown enough missions on a B-17 bomber to entitle him to home leave. He lost his life when his plane was shot down over Germany in 1944.

In August 1945 the Sloane’s planned a memorial service for Sandy at the clearing overlooking Grand Monadnock Mountain, the special place Sandy had planned to build his home. Many people in the community came to the service. Thus began the story of Cathedral of the Pines.

In the following years, the Sloane’s welcomed all faiths at the Cathedral of the Pines. The memorials they built honored their son Sandy and all who served the Nation.