Historical & Natural Site

Historical & Natural Site

Founded at the end of World War II in memory of Sanderson Sloane and to honor the military service and sacrifice of American men and women, Cathedral of the Pines is
situated on a hilltop with a panoramic, breathtaking view of Grand Monadnock Mountain. This open-air, non-denominational sanctuary offers access to a variety of lasting experiences, that allow visitors to:

* Find solace in the beauty of the natural surroundings and tended gardens
* Attend or participate in a special service or event of particular interest
* Celebrate the joy of a wedding or other happy occasion for gathering
* Walk the immediate pathways or wider trails to enlarge the focus of the visit
* Reflect on our blessings and the efforts of others to protect our well-being
* Find inspiration in the history and individual stories that continue up to this day
* Visit our Museum to explore this history and items that help define it

Our Purpose

We believe in the importance of honoring the values of, and the sacrifices made, by Veterans and their families; the essential role that preserving and respecting our environment plays in our lives; and the value that a peaceful venue can contribute to our solace and refresh our spirit.  We welcome all to participate in our events, explore the extraordinary grounds, meditate in a choice of multiple outdoor chapels and gardens, and tour the museum that provides a sense of the Cathedral’s founding history and themes that carry forward to our time.


Our mission is to recognize and promote the legacy of all veterans and their values through commemorations, fostering an environment where individuals and groups can enjoy the peace, solace, and beauty that our grounds inspire, and do so in a way that honors, respects, and sustains the environment.


The Cathedral will become universally recognized as the result of the dedication and service of veterans and their families, a place of peace that sustains the viability of our environment.

Memorial Bench

Support for our Mission

We rely on the individual gifts that everyday visitors donate that allow us to continue our dedication to providing a place of welcome for all, a place for inspiration and comfort, and a place that many consider to be a “home” where they want to return’

“Was married here in 2014. Was all I ever imagined and dreamed for. Staff here is amazing! Very organized and caring. Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable, beautiful day!” -H.B. North Carolina.
“Such a beautiful, awe-inspiring place!” – Sherry F. – Fort Worth, TX.

“Simply breathtaking”- Nancy & Norman H. – South Glastonbury, CT.

“We feel closer to God here” – Aaron, Chelsea & Faith – San Diego, CA.
“We feel closer to God here” – Aaron, Chelsea & Faith – San Diego, CA.
“Impressive and respectful” – Edd & Jan E. – North Smithfield, RI.
“Such a beautiful, inspiring place! I came here to unwind after a difficult time, and left with the most peaceful, calming feeling. The grounds are beautiful, well maintained, and the staff is very pleasant. Thank you all for providing such a wonderful gem!” – K.L. Connecticut.
“Been visiting here for 50 years. Beautiful as always!” -K.C.S. Pennsylvania.
It’s beautiful, and a quiet, impressive atmosphere. Thank you!” – M.B. Massachusetts.