Support for our Mission

For 75 years, Cathedral of the Pines has annually attracted thousands of visitors per year to its 236-acre campus while, at the same time, has boosted the southwestern New Hampshire economy throughout the Monadnock Region.

Cathedral of the Pines partners with local schools and is now home for the Conant High School (Jaffrey NH) cross-country team, which practices on our trails. We share our on-campus administrative offices with the Rindge Chamber of Commerce and the Rindge Veterans Association.

The Cathedral promotes a healthy lifestyle by allowing many physical activities on its grounds (every summer, hundreds of people hike its trails).  We provide a safe recreational place for the “vulnerable” segment of our population (elderly and disabled groups) – and are open seven days a week, free of charge.

Planned Giving Options

Did you know… that through your will or estate plan, you can make your wish of supporting a nonprofit organization come true?

Like you, many people include charity donations as a part of their will or trust so we all can live in a vibrant and stronger community. Planned gifts start from $1,000.

There are several options to make a planned gift.

Making a Bequest

One of the easiest ways to ensure generational impact for all is to include Cathedral of any of the Pines Foundation during your estate planning by simply asking your estate planning professional to include us in your will.  Simply state, 

“I give to Cathedral of the Pines Foundation (xx %) or ($ amount) of my estate to be used for best use, future investment, or specific project-related and naming opportunities.  To finalize these requests, please contact: Michelle Lowe, Executive Director

Stocks, Securities, & Mutual Funds
Did you know… that donating stocks that you have owned for longer than one year; securities and mutual funds is an effective way to help the Cathedral of the Pines?

The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax-deductible.

There is no obligation to pay any capital gain taxes on the appreciation.

To transfer stocks, securities, or mutual funds, have your broker contact Marcie Mackenzie, Charter Trust Company, Wealth Advisor at  or contact Our Executive Director, Michelle Lowe 603-899-3300.  Use the following information:

DTC Eligible Securities

DTC:  2663 SEI Private Trust Co

Account Name: Cathedral of The Pines Foundation

Account: 8000004606

Cathedral’s Tax ID: 02-0338521

Retirement Plan Assets

Did you know… that up to 100% of your retirement plan assets can be transferred to the Cathedral of the Pines Foundation free of all taxes?

To name Cathedral of the Pines as your beneficiary, simply instruct the plan administrator of your decision, and fill out a new change of beneficiary form.


What are the benefits of donating realestate?

If you itemize deductions on your tax return, donating your real estate can:

Potentially eliminate the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the real estate yourself.

Claim a fair market value charitable deduction for the tax year in which the gift is made.

RMD's Required Minimum Distributions

Did you know… that if you are over 72 years old, you are required to withdraw annually from traditional IRAs?

If you are in the position to make a generous charitable deduction, consider giving your RMD payout directly to Cathedral of the Pines. Although you will not get a charitable deduction on your income tax return, your contribution WILL be excluded from your taxable income.

Michelle Lowe, Executive Director