Take a visual trip through the local natural world with Francie Von Mertens

March 11, 2023

Take a visual trip through the local natural world—observable out the window, out the door, or on a local trail.
Your guide: Francie Von Mertens, longtime author of the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript’s Backyard Birder column.
A slide show will include entries from Francie's Nature Almanac & Calendar, published by the Harris Center.
As Meade Cadot at the Harris Center said: “Come along on 365 mini-field trips throughout the year. Join in on any day.”
Each "field trip" is a turn of an almanac page that presents insights into the natural world around us through photos and text.
Goal: A Nature 101 course that leads us through the wild world of plants and animals, quite possibly sparking the Sense of Wonder that Rachel Carson wrote about.
There are wonders out there!

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